Don’t stop till you reach the top

How many times i have watched the movie “View from the Top”,starring Gwyneth Paltrow,just making myself identical to her story. Blissful and loved life of working as angels in the skies making sure that other people will reach safely their destination!!

Trust me people,it is an addiction,like men love to watch their favourite team on screen or shopaholic women,well yeah, flyingholic,if such a word exists.

Still on reserve….where i will be finally working my dream job…still waiting from the local newly established airline but i have also decided to start chasing the big dream again, Emirates or Etihad!!!

I have applied few days ago again for Emirates and Etihad. For Emirates i am thinking this time to attend the open day in Dubai maybe i will be more evaluated their and the same goes for Etihad if i will be shortlisted, will attend the one in Abu Dhabi.

Hopefully i will receive my positive emails the following week.

Will write my new blog when my adventure starts…



4 thoughts on “Don’t stop till you reach the top

  1. Hi!
    You should definitely try it! I was so afraid and excited and in the end all the stress was worth it. Just be confident and believe in yourself! Good luck for the Open Day.
    Best regards,


      1. It is not a problem to be married or have kids. It is only up to you if you can manage it with your kind or if there is somebody who takes care. I would just not menrioming it. The first time I was asked, if I am married or Single was at the golden call and I guess it is only Important because of the different contracts, e.g. your husband gets discounted Tickets, etc. I hope it was helful for you. You can also read some more experience Reports in my Blog if you like. I hope it will be useful. If there is anything else you would like to know please ask!
        Br, Irina


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