Office view or sky view?

Good morning again…

Back to my post! In front of the not so lovely screen anymore,having to call all those frustrated and very difficult people…Yes,sadly, that’s my job,the new era of trading online,i am working here for the last 3 years. Good and bad experience i could say! I became expert in faces, i can understand exactly who is who just by the first look. One of the dirtiest industries to work for….i can’t really describe in words how i am feeling its been few days now…i can’t wait anymore…waiting for something that is so close to happen but seems so far it’s killing you slowly like smoking cigarettes.

What can i say? Just be patient,yes i know patience is virtue,that’s the most famous proverb which i guess i need to follow now!

I have many stories to describe here,personal and about my experience! I have stories to describe regarding how Jewish people are so powerful in doing business and how myself i got sick of them because they just don’t stop and nobody ever judges them.

I can’t wait also to start writing about my daily life back to the skies.Trust me,once you fly so high the window view seems to be the last thing that you could ever imagined doing.


Have a good day fellow readers…for now!!!:)


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