Magical addiction..yes..that one…the one of flying!

Just got home few hours ago,happy to see my wonderful husband and my beautiful daughter…i can’t describe how much i love mind keeps thinking how unhappy i am that am stuck in an awful office, with weird colleagues and NO career. What am i going to teach my daughter?How to hold herself not to slap her colleagues…No thats not what i want!!

I missed flying,i missed it sooo much! I know it might be hard but if i am not happy inside me,my house will not be happy. Even though my hubby is worried how are life will change, i am sure i will try my best for us to be better than ever when the time comes and i will be again on 36000 ft working.

Since the closing of our local airline many new airlines have landed here…again KARMA…and here i am,already went for an interview in August,finally passed an assesment day even if it was not for my dream airlines which i went twice and did not get through. I felt very happy that i got in,waited for a month and here it is, i got my letter of intension to attend the training…and now i am still waiting…refreshing my email every less than a minute to check when i will be finally able to RESIGN from my job!!i really hate it there

I really can’t wait…i can feel it though,it is coming soon,that email or call…that opening to my destiny…!!


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