When Karma decides…

Pfff…Routine,again and again and again! How boring office life can be? Its so unfair for people not getting to have a job that it can be done the way they want and however they want!

20 years old,decision has been taken,family had a meeting for ME,the lady who is always getting bored and not finishing any of her studies as she does not like ANYTHING.

Nobody knew that my life would change suddenly. Flight booked,house not even found.

I traveled to London,just having my luggages in hands and NO house to stay! But what destiny is?So strong you can’t imagine!

Found that old school friend,always kind to help,he took me with him to the students dormitories and thats how my adventure started.


Course was finished after 3 months (i will write about my experience in another blog) and then back to my home country,my small island where chances to work in this industry are very minimum.

BUT as mentioned earlier,KARMA really exists.

An airline whas about to open their base in LCA,so happy i was,attended the interview and finally got to work over the rainbows.

But i was so young and i after 6 months the contract was not renewed due to my stupiditiness…and now after 4 years,married,with a small princess i am missing it soooooooo much.

In my next post,i will let you know how i got to get back to the industry today after so many years…KARMA!!!


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