Don’t stop till you reach the top

How many times i have watched the movie “View from the Top”,starring Gwyneth Paltrow,just making myself identical to her story. Blissful and loved life of working as angels in the skies making sure that other people will reach safely their destination!!

Trust me people,it is an addiction,like men love to watch their favourite team on screen or shopaholic women,well yeah, flyingholic,if such a word exists.

Still on reserve….where i will be finally working my dream job…still waiting from the local newly established airline but i have also decided to start chasing the big dream again, Emirates or Etihad!!!

I have applied few days ago again for Emirates and Etihad. For Emirates i am thinking this time to attend the open day in Dubai maybe i will be more evaluated their and the same goes for Etihad if i will be shortlisted, will attend the one in Abu Dhabi.

Hopefully i will receive my positive emails the following week.

Will write my new blog when my adventure starts…



Memories of the sky…

Hi again,

Weekend,chilling,eating junk food and watching tv….PAUSE…not really,when you have a small babe life its getting a lot busier but its all in our heads!!

My day started with ironing the clothes and thinking when i will be able to admire myself in my cabin crew suit!

I fixed my eyebrows,waxed myself,back to the old lovely days of getting ready for work and having that nice feeling!!

Very short post but i just wanted to point out while i am WAITING for my golden call even if its not YET from Emirates!:)

For now going to watch El Classico,Barca here we go

Office view or sky view?

Good morning again…

Back to my post! In front of the not so lovely screen anymore,having to call all those frustrated and very difficult people…Yes,sadly, that’s my job,the new era of trading online,i am working here for the last 3 years. Good and bad experience i could say! I became expert in faces, i can understand exactly who is who just by the first look. One of the dirtiest industries to work for….i can’t really describe in words how i am feeling its been few days now…i can’t wait anymore…waiting for something that is so close to happen but seems so far it’s killing you slowly like smoking cigarettes.

What can i say? Just be patient,yes i know patience is virtue,that’s the most famous proverb which i guess i need to follow now!

I have many stories to describe here,personal and about my experience! I have stories to describe regarding how Jewish people are so powerful in doing business and how myself i got sick of them because they just don’t stop and nobody ever judges them.

I can’t wait also to start writing about my daily life back to the skies.Trust me,once you fly so high the window view seems to be the last thing that you could ever imagined doing.


Have a good day fellow readers…for now!!!:)

Magical addiction..yes..that one…the one of flying!

Just got home few hours ago,happy to see my wonderful husband and my beautiful daughter…i can’t describe how much i love mind keeps thinking how unhappy i am that am stuck in an awful office, with weird colleagues and NO career. What am i going to teach my daughter?How to hold herself not to slap her colleagues…No thats not what i want!!

I missed flying,i missed it sooo much! I know it might be hard but if i am not happy inside me,my house will not be happy. Even though my hubby is worried how are life will change, i am sure i will try my best for us to be better than ever when the time comes and i will be again on 36000 ft working.

Since the closing of our local airline many new airlines have landed here…again KARMA…and here i am,already went for an interview in August,finally passed an assesment day even if it was not for my dream airlines which i went twice and did not get through. I felt very happy that i got in,waited for a month and here it is, i got my letter of intension to attend the training…and now i am still waiting…refreshing my email every less than a minute to check when i will be finally able to RESIGN from my job!!i really hate it there

I really can’t wait…i can feel it though,it is coming soon,that email or call…that opening to my destiny…!!

When Karma decides…

Pfff…Routine,again and again and again! How boring office life can be? Its so unfair for people not getting to have a job that it can be done the way they want and however they want!

20 years old,decision has been taken,family had a meeting for ME,the lady who is always getting bored and not finishing any of her studies as she does not like ANYTHING.

Nobody knew that my life would change suddenly. Flight booked,house not even found.

I traveled to London,just having my luggages in hands and NO house to stay! But what destiny is?So strong you can’t imagine!

Found that old school friend,always kind to help,he took me with him to the students dormitories and thats how my adventure started.


Course was finished after 3 months (i will write about my experience in another blog) and then back to my home country,my small island where chances to work in this industry are very minimum.

BUT as mentioned earlier,KARMA really exists.

An airline whas about to open their base in LCA,so happy i was,attended the interview and finally got to work over the rainbows.

But i was so young and i after 6 months the contract was not renewed due to my stupiditiness…and now after 4 years,married,with a small princess i am missing it soooooooo much.

In my next post,i will let you know how i got to get back to the industry today after so many years…KARMA!!!